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Show HN: My New Personal Website (verse.sh)
32 points by verse 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 24 comments

It looks awesome but it is nigh unusable on my phone because of how sluggish it is. I feel like my phone's trying compute a trillion digits of pi for each interaction. Also, I think when you start adding interaction you very quickly start getting into UI/UX issues that you will have never considered. On desktop, I opened the projects deck, I clicked on a card, then I clicked the cross to go back and it took me all the way back instead of to the cards. Some people might think that's expected but I imagine there's some like me who were surprised. It might be because the cards come out slightly before the cross so I'm already looking at them and clicking on them before I even know the cross is there. Either way it can be tough to fix UI/UX issues just because of how subtle and how many of them there are.

I wish there more obvious affordance with regards to what ui interactions do what. On mobile it is beautiful but Im just kind of experimenting with tapping on each button to figure out what it does... which is fun, but perhaps not what you want in a user-friendly promotional website.

Perhaps fix this on mobile (where there is no hover state) by adding captions to each icon that are always visible.

I think you are talented. However, I dislike the site, I don't like long scrolling pages and I feel like there is too much going at times. I am old school guy though and really love minimalism of HTML sites.

Thanks. I understand, it's definitely not for everyone

Looks great on mobile. Aside from not being at my computer to give feedback on that, I’d consider a dark color scheme that isn’t completely/near #000000 as the background with white text. The contrast is too taxing on the eyes imo and would benefit from a gray tint on the text at the very least and then possibly the bg as well. Again though very nicely done

Thanks for the kind words and the feedback :)

I found it very useable and intuitive and focuses one 1 thing at a time. Though I was not sure if you were a real person - I needed a page with a face and ‘about’ to make the human connection.

First impressions: the font is kinda small; the contrast is a bit too low. My first attempt at scrolling down from the intro screen immediately pushed the most recent entries above the top of the page and I had to scroll up to get back to them.

Run a Lighthouse report with Chrome which will point out which elements need work, you'll also get advice like "Delaying first content paint makes users give up on your page" (paraphrased) or "Avoid enormous network payloads: total size was 4,397 KiB". Why is this page of text 4 MB? You might also want to take a look at the number of requests.

I would consider removing this first screen/page if I were you.

Yeah it's unnecessarily bloated and over-the-top. It also pulls a lot of media from Reddit and Twitter.

I wasn't really concerned about this when I was building it though. It's experimental, not meant to be taken too seriously. I just made it this way because I thought it was cool

I'll see if I can fix some of the things you've mentioned though. I really appreciate the feedback, thanks

Thank you for making what you think is cool. That's the internet I like.

Thanks for sharing this. I'm not a fan of this kind of design when browsing from my desktop, but I did enjoy browsing through your Projects list. NIGHT.FM is great!

thanks! what do you not like about it? the animations?

It just immediately struck me as a website optimised for a mobile device - but this is very much a personal preference/bias. As soon as I saw 4 small icons in the middle of a black void I twitched :) I do like the minimalist approach though.

I would prefer a slightly more static variant. I'm not a big fan of the opacity on scrolling part.

At first I thought it was some social networking site, since the title briefly flashes. Then I didn't really know which button did what. I was a bit confused by those cards in the portfolio, since these gestures aren't common on the web.

All in all it's technically impressive, but the bells and whistles do not improve the browsing experience.

This is great. Looks really nice on mobile.

I have some difficult reading it due to the low contrast, it's just kinda hard to browse on desktop, this is by design?

Not bashing on your work, it's very beatiful, i just may be too old/boring for this kind of sites.

Basic enough, I like the card animations. Well done.

What tools did you use to build it?

React/Next.js and TailwindCSS

I don't want to sound too harsh, but I really hate this kind of thing. A delay due to pointless animation when you go to the site, then an entirely blank page with almost nothing to read ( I'm reading on a 32 inch monitor which makes this worse), then I scroll and get tiny text in a tiny tiny column that's barely readable.

I agree with this. Finding it difficult to read in my ultrawide monitor.

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't consider ultrawide monitors so I don't have one. I guess I'll have to get one at some point if I want to build websites for everyone. This is just a personal, experimental thing though. I don't mind if it's not for everyone

Given you look decidedly skilled, I am likely pointing out the obvious, but browsers can emulate different screen sizes if you use the developer tools. Of course it can't replicate the exact experience.

I liked it. I have an ultrawide and agree with the general comments about it feeling like a mobile site with unusual web interactions, but the aesthetic is lovely and it is a wonderful showcase of your skills.

It looks good on mobile, readable, loaded fairly quickly

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