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Ask HN: Just bought a new domain “linkedrecords.com”. What should I build?
7 points by WolfOliver 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

Just a static site of your favorite records, with links to their respective Wikipedia pages. Make it very geocities and make sure to have a counter on it and some spinning text somewhere.

Scrap as much public domain data, facebook profiles, reddit accounts, discord, etc., and try to correlate people real names and faces to their profiles and sell that to interested parties.

Actually please please don't.

A service to automate renewals for domains you've bought, but haven't built anything for yet.

A cross-cultural catalog of oral histories, highlighting commonalities (I’m thinking The Hero With A Thousand Faces, but there’s so much I don’t know yet about human history and mythologies that have guided and continue to guide us).

A record label

Featuring remixes of “Well excuse me, princess!”

My boy

Links to recordings of people trying to use ed

Make it a record of house repairs so people can find out if the house they are buying has something majorly wrong with it.

A platform to start your own religion.

AI generated blog based on the URL name.

I don't know, a blockchain?



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