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Show HN: Static e-shop and stripe checkout
7 points by vicjicama 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

I did some major updates to the shop editor (WIP), you can play around with the live demo here:


I still need to improve a lot the UX and the navigation between the form editor, the preview pages and the html code, but I am constantly working on this. Now you can deploy the result to a CDN, but I am working on integrate this to a Wordpress instance

Let me know any feedback!

Can you explain a bit how it works?

The UI is very cramped on my iPad. But it works!

Thanks for the feedback, is it cramped when it is vertical and horizontal? or just vertical I am only working on one wide screen size, I will take a look on how this looks on different screens

You have all the data on the left and the preview on the right, basically you can edit anything on the left side and it should be reflected on the preview size (you might need to refresh the preview on some changes).

- The cross-hairs in some elements will help you to navigate to the preview elements.

- You can click on the elements on the preview to go to the code, values, frame or page on the left side.

- You can add pages, products, categories and collections of products

- The pages are a little opinionated, those are composed by a list of elements, those elements can be a section, paragraph or raw code. (you can drag and drop the sections)

The editor and the preview are separated React apps. The cart functionality is provided by a React component, this same cart functionality will be present on the static production build. The main goal is to generate a static store that can be deployed to a CDN and only have server functionality when a order is placed

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