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Bintris – Golang Mobile Game (github.com/lallassu)
26 points by nergal 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I’m impressed with how little yak shaving there is in this repo to run a Go binary in android - and one that uses embeds shaders and uses OpenAL - i was expecting to find a ton of code written just to interface with android / java, never mind the 3D and audio bindings, but the repo is instead mostly just filled with code dedicated to making the game.

If you really can focus on building your app and just rely on GoMobile like this then Go seems like a viable language for at least building android apps.

I’m impressed.

Naturally you haven't seen much yak shaving, because games is one of three reasons why NDK exists in first place, the other two being writing native methods or using C and C++ libraries.

If you application needs anything outside of this list of official NDK APIs, be prepared for JNI fun.


I got my dollar worth of entertainment from this game, playing for a good fifteen minutes compulsively after purchasing. Bravo!

If those openal fixes went upstream this should be a really smooth sail.

Any idea if that is happening?

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