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Reddit Blocks Firefox (twitter.com/likelyfinn)
77 points by espadrine 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 21 comments

They've been introducing all kinds of problems for people using normal browsers on normal computers recently, such as making links non-followable due to random backslash insertions. There's no way they aren't aware of it, billion dollar company etc.

I guess my 12 years of Reddit are over; I refuse to use that horrendous Fisher Price abomination - they seem to want to kill off old reddit and turn it into another facebook with gifs and user avatars and whatnot. No thanks.

Reddit has terrible QA or next to no automated testing it seems. Just recently, on mobile with "new Reddit", the subreddit filter for new posts just wasn't working. Just showed the top posts. If they don't have tests for that after how many years of redesign, then it must be company policy not to test.

Also on the mobile app, refreshing my feed results in a bunch of "empty" posts with media but no title. Basically every time, and for ages now. They also took away the "news" tab for a while, but then it came back again (though my wife never lost it).

Also, the fact that there's no distinction between viewing a video and looking through the comments, but that accidentally pulling down on the video fullscreens it but the reverse doesn't revert it. Plus, if you pause a video then follow a link in the thread, when you return to the thread the video starts playing again, forcing you to scroll to the top to pause it and likely losing your place.

I'm not sure if the reddit developers don't use their own product, or if they just don't give a crap, but either there's no testing going on or the developers aren't capable of fixing problems.

Either way, it always makes me laugh when I see a technical blog post about "how we did X" from the Reddit team, the last software engineering team on the planet I would take programming or infrastructure advice from.

I'm tired of just how blatantly manipulated the frontpage and major subreddits have become. It's nothing but constant agendaposting, ragebaiting, and screenshots of tweets. The oft-touted solution is to just unsubscribe from the default subs and that only helps a little bit. Go to any regional sub or hobbyist subreddit and you will still find mods turning a blind eye to agendaposting and partisan pestering.

I just ran into this myself and came to see if others ran into it. I'm blocked (while logged in, with strict settings and NoScript) on Firefox Developer Edition, but it's working on a relatively default (and not logged in) version of plain old Firefox.

{ Edit: tried both old and www with the same results. }

Using standard firefox with container tabs and ublock origin, I cannot visit reddit logged in or out, or with or without ublock disabled in any combination.

Be thankful, they are showing you what life is like without reddit.

Turns out its amazing.

It still doesn't work if I switch my user-agent from Firefox to something else. Some other factor?

Works in Edge and Chrome. Let's see how long they take to restore the site this time.

Same here, user agent doesn't seem to matter. Issue emerged in the last half hour.

Guess I'm getting more work done today

I was really worried one of my bots had run awry and got my IP banned. Tried different browsers to see what the issue is, and it seems to be a FireFox issue. Googling "Reddit Blocked" doesn't return anything helpful.

Searching HN was the right way to go.

Searching HN is always the right way to go :-)

if you think its an IPv4 block and provided that you have IPv6 connectivity, try accessing https://ipv6.reddit.com/ and see if it works.

Idem. <body><pre>Blocked</pre></body>

One of the fixes mentioned is to disable http3 in about:config but that doesn't seem to work (macOS12.01/FF96.01) - or was that a different issue?

I was really worried I had some sort of IP blocked, especially since I switched to a new static IP last night.

On 97.0b3 beta Firefox, disabled all tracking protection, strict privacy settings; same results. Interesting...

Fixed for me now...

I'm seeing the same, just a 403 response with the text "Blocked"

Firefox 96.0.1 (64-bit)

I think it's because Firefox cares about privacy lol

Here too, Linux Firefox 95.0.2

Fine on Chrome...

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