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Damn this is pretty similar to the direction my app Wallboardr is taking, except status columns aren't customisable yet.

Any thoughts on comparison folks? http://wallboardr.com

The Trello site is written in plain English - it's easy for anyone to think of ways they could use Trello. The Walboardr site is full of 'buzzwords' that make it attractive to a segment of the market ('swimlanes', 'burn-up charts', 'points per status', 'backlog', 'iteration' etc.). Trello looks like it's trying to be a general purpose tool, Wallboardr does not.

Note that this isn't a value judgement - if it's _intended_ to be a niche product that's really appealing to one market segment (so they'd always choose it over e.g. Trello because of its specialization), that could be a good thing.

Hi jrmg, thanks for the great feedback.

I initially wanted Wallboardr to be a fairly free-form board that wasn't specific to any industry, but as it developed I thought that approach was lacking in power for my primary audience which was definitely developers.

But it's very interesting to see what Joel and the guys/girls have done because I think they are hitting a sweet spot between power, simplicity and industry-neutrality.

If you can't customize columns, you've already lost :) But I really like the way you explicitly mention Kanban and Scrum, which Trello doesn't mention at all.

Thanks! Well customising columns is the obvious next step and is on the top of the list, so that won't be far away.

To be fair they also have comments and todo lists per card, like Pivotal, so Wallboardr is a bit behind at the moment. I've been wondering how essential sub-card todo lists are for a while, I've found myself wanting them, but MVP ideals have avoided so far.

But we have a stacked burnup chart! :-P

Allow sign up with Google account.

You're absolutely right. Only 2.7% sign-up rate from this thread and I'm sure Google account login would have made a big difference.

If you end up open sourcing it, let me know, I'd be interested in helping out.

Oh, thanks for the offer! That's a difficult decision, I was hoping to capitalise on it commercially soon as a subscription service.

But very interesting to hear that there would be interest in an open source version. Hmm....

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