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Ask HN: What's your biggest professional fuckup?
1 point by hubraumhugo 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Let's share stories of the business that crashed and burned, the partnership deal that went sour, or the product that had to be recalled.

I started a moving business with a 1 ton cube van, the transmission line shorted on the battery cable and the whole thing went up in smoke one month after buying it.

Insurance company gave me the option to write off at 50% value or repair it, I decided to repair it and over the next year the entire front suspension of the truck disintegrated due to the chemicals the fire department used to extinguish the fire.

After 2 years I was forced to face the reality that I could no longer continue to run my business at a loss and laid off my helper, parked the truck, found a job and paid off the debt I had accumulated.

All in all it was a costly experience that gave me a greater appreciation for business owners that hire people as the only person who made money was my helper.

I didn't handle a bully well.

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