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Ask HN: What programming language for needing to interact with SOAP services?
1 point by jsyolo 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite | discuss
Hello, I have been learning programming by reading some books and have a webapp/SAAS idea. The application will need to interact heavily with the government SOAP servers(words: wsdl, xsd, xsl, schematron etc...)

I don't have deep knowledge in any programming language yet and would like to keep everything in JS since I already have to use it for the browser but the Internet seems to suggest that nodejs libraries for interacting with SOAP are full of gotchas, edge cases and have trouble covering some functionality when compared to something like the Java the ecosystem.

For devs that know multiple programming languages and have dealt with SOAP, do you recommend I just go with the JVM for the backend and pay the price of dealing with two ecosystems? My current book is a java algorithms book so I'm not to far off from the language (although Java libs look scary).

Another maybe non-issue is that since there is going to be lots of xml processing and pdf generation, the single thread nature of nodejs might affect web responses, not sure if worker threads can help here.

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