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Browse the web like reading email? What is the name of that app?
57 points by Kerbonut 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments
At one point I found a GUI application with backend automation libraries (python I think). Basically you view webpages like email. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Was it this? My coworker sent me this last week, I haven't tried it but it seems related: https://woob.tech

We have a winner! Thank you so much!

Is it too late for you to edit the submission? Might be better/more relevant now you know! Does look interesting, but no point submitting separately.

Yeah, I think you want a dedicated RSS client.

The thing about this one it would work on any regular site including banks. I thought the backend was using python libraries written for the project where you could make a bank automation to do transactions and such. Also had modules for managing AWS account. Wish I could think of the project.

The only UI I know like this are traditional RSS readers. it sounds interesting though.

Long time ago the majority of email-users only viewed the cleartext version of emails :)

There's also the Stallman way: get a server to download the webpage and send it to your mail, then open it in Lynx or Icecat.


It may be just Chrome's reader mode

It was a standalone app that looked very much like an email client with a listbox on the left and contents of the page on the right.

Microsoft Edge can set tabs like that, if that helps you in any way. Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave might also have those kind of customizations.

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