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Show HN: Distributed voting app example using Go/Docker/K8s/Helm/Terraform (github.com/hbollon)
3 points by bitsplease 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Hi! I used dockersamples/example-voting-app few times ago when I started learning K8s (and it was really helpful thanks community). However, I think it's can be way more complete and modern.

This is why I started building this project: hbollon/k8s-voting-app-aws. Firstly, all apps (voting/results webapp and worker) are written in Go for cross-platform compatibility and reduced ressources consumption (a lot). Frontend are Vue 3 projects. Secondly, all docker-compose and k8s specs are redone, more complete and flexible. Furthermore, I also added an alternative Helm Chart version. Finally, the k8s infrastructure can be deployed on Minikube or any other local k8s environment but also on AWS using prepared Terraform definitions to deploy it on EKS.

I'm planing to add more features like monitoring/alerting/dashboarding examples.

If you're new to container orchestration or Kubernetes maybe it can help you !

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