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Ask HN: What are companies expectation to a senior software developer?
1 point by fendy3002 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
I had an interview with a company based on US, for a position of senior full stack developer. He gave some questions related to my current role as senior developer. More or less here's the topic:

- explaining my work experience - how I manage or assign tasks to my subordinate - what is a leader means to me - how do I handle my subordinate mistakes / misdemeanor - how is the situation in my company and how can I do to change it

Then I had another interview with different company, they go with more technical questions here:

- asks to share some code I can show and explain to them - about how I manage css - about ci/cd pipeline - about react hooks

Now I think there are some project management role in the first one and infra / devops role in the second one (I'm more inclined towards this one). So what is the company really expect me to able to?

I'm not sure how many people you'd be working with in either role but it sounds like the first one involves working in a team with a few people and taking on a sort of mentor role.

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