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Uvariopsis dicaprio (Annonaceae) a new tree species (peerj.com)
27 points by leephillips 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Critically endangered, sigh.

Annonaceae is the family of the Paw Paw, Cherimoya and Soursop. Apart of the biodiversity values, one more member could be valuable in the development of new types of hybrid 'cherimoya like' fruits like in the Atemoya case. Uvariopsis is not known as been edible in any case and is harvested by its wood and the antimalarial and anticancerous activity of its leaves.

Named after Leonardo DiCaprio:

> This threatened and spectacular tree is named for the American actor and conservationist Leonardo DiCaprio, who, through several months in 2020, lobbied extensively on social media (e.g. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_0LSAhFRue/?hl=en; https://twitter.com/leodicaprio/status/1257729388314943490?l... both accessed 12 April 2021) to draw attention to threats for the numerous rare Ebo species from the logging concession that had been announced at Ebo earlier that year. The concession was cancelled in August 2020, surely partly due to his efforts.

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