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A gossip-style failure detection service (2009) [pdf] (cornell.edu)
23 points by Donckele 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

I love gossip. I recently implemented a version of this for my platform: http://www.adama-lang.org/blog/gossip

Hey! Interesting work you are doing with your Adama Lang and the ideas are fantastic.

My only criticism is that it is being bogged down by the implementation language (java) and the academic details (gossip, blockchain, etc.) that is slowing it down to become an MVP.

Of course, I know you are doing this for fun and these details give you immense joy but some of us would love to start using it and start playing boardgames and even create some of our own!

Anyway, good work and thanks for writing up articles with your experiences.


I'm getting a cluster stood up now, and I'm setting up Prometheus today to monitor the fleet. I'm currently not happy with my latency, but that may because I'm using nanos on a small RDS instance.

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