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I seriously question that. Are there some? Sure. A significant portion? Barring evidence, no.

There's a lot of people that like masks, staying home, a lot of people that like that others are being forced to do things ("political enemies"), etc. I think it's more than most suppose, and they are vocal, too.

ive liked to stay home for decades and because of that i tend not to travel much. covid has nothing to do with that? why would i wish a certain lifestyle on other people? also "political enemies" who disagree with covid restrictions arent forced to do anything, they are walking around unvaccinated, unmasked, filling up the hospitals and crushing the healthcare system with abandon. Nobody is coming after them.

My read is that yes, they are vocal, but precisely because they are vocal it is easy to overestimate how numerous they are.

Yes. Worse the policy makers continue to listen to them instead of everybody who has moved on. We are held hostage by societies most fearful.

The jump from "some people aren't as bothered by masks and are more ok with staying home" to "these same people wouldn't mind if a disease that already killed millions just lingers forever" is... baffling.

Tons of people love this stuff. I see it all around where I live. It’s like a fashion statement to them.

This is basically just an anti-masker talking point that's akin to school-yard taunting. It's not based in reality.

It’s absolutely based on reality. I invite you to live in any major west coast city. Dudes have lost the plot.

Besides, there is nothing wrong with being “anti mask”. Covid is endemic. I’m boostered. Why should I continue to be forced to wear a mask? Is Covid still the only problem I can ever focus on?

There is a significant portion of the population that enjoys telling others what to do. Nobody can argue this. Therefore, given the fact that COVID restrictions is the hottest-button issue of the past several years, and dealing with it involves telling people what to do, through force of law no less (usually), it only follows...

After COVID, what are the media and these people going to do? The gravy train is going to run out, everything else will be boring for them in comparison.

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