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am i the only one here who finds the whole "omfg, this is so amazing!!1" tone of this article mildly offensive? i mean, it's not like he has a self-levitating hamster or anything.

In his defense, the first time I really understood Sequences after reading The Joy of Clojure, I thought it was awesome too.

Now here's where I really blow your brain: a Sequence is some stuff, in a particular order. What about the keyUp event? If I were to listen to that event, it might give me ['T','e','s','t'].

That too, is some stuff, in order. This means, that Events are Sequences. Which means, that all the cool stuff that can be done to Sequences, can be done to an Event too, which is exactly what the Reactive Extensions for JS from Microsoft does (disclaimer: I'm writing a book on this).

Haskell of course has this too, it's called the Continuation Monad.

Also see the paper "A Concurrent Window System" by Pike (89) which talks about representing keyboard and mouse events as items on a non-finite potentially-blocking channel. And Newsqueak almost certainly isn't the first.

I felt roughly the same way about it that I would feel about the frolicking of a self-levitating hamster: pretty silly, but not actually offensive.

Lazy lists are pretty neat, and if you make them a convenient part of a programming language and its software ecosystem, they can be useful. This JavaScript version, though, looks more like a clever toy at the moment. Maybe that will change eventually.

Yep. It's not magical, or new, or.. shrug.

Ah, but he does have this... "If you devote 10 minutes of your time to read this page, it may completely change the way you think about programming."

Unless, of course, you already knew about lazy sequences.

I can explain classes in 10 minutes and have the same effect. Assuming, of course, you've only coded FORTRAN.

In fact, you picked out the part that I mostly found mildly offensive. He's treating his readers like "less smart than him".

skrebbel, thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry it felt that way to you. In no way do I think my readers are less smart than me. I tried in the article to keep a tone that addresses my past self, before I learned about infinite lists in Haskell or streams in Scheme. In that sense, it was a revelation to me, which made me a better programmer. So I'm hoping that it may have introduced at least some of the people reading it to this different paradigm, which, to me, was enlightening.

"self-levitating hamster"

That's hilarious! I'm seriously fighting my social-urge to upvote...

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