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I'm the guy that created <script> -- big dummy me first used language="JavaScript", not type= -- type came in HTML4 (where Dave Raggett invented "text/javascript", never registered; see RFC 4329).

Yes, I added language= at the start, but the default was JS and I had no particular intention to support other languages using one or more VMs. I see what you mean now, though -- thanks. Hope this history helps. It's less meaningfully intentional than you thought. More like blind future-proofing.

"More like blind future-proofing."

To me, through my own skewed historical lens, it looks like an admirable level of humility. So, good job.

While that flexibility was mostly used for evil, rather than good (vbscript, for instance), I think it probably helped build a stronger web ecosystem having competitors to the throne even if none ever really got a foothold against JavaScript.

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