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tl;dr; = It's an array with a few utility methods, but can also hold 'infinite' things like "all the positive even numbers".

Not terribly useful imho and certainly doesn't live up to the hyped intro.

Streams and other lazy infinite data structures can be very convenient, but this isn't really obvious at first glance. I recommend you check out some of the FP literature. A good place to start reading about the virtues of streams and lazy evaluation is "Why functional programming matters" (available at http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~shmat/courses/cs345/whyfp.pdf).

It's a good concept and all, the issue i've had with it for my own use is that the native Array functions are so fast in JavaScript (and function invocation so comparatively slow) that you really need a very specific use case for them to be worthwhile over simply performing your operations on the array directly like Underscore.js.

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