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We are running on a tight budget, completely bootstrapped by funds from my previous exit. Trying to control cost and all that while establishing product-market fit, which is the reason the beta is closed for now.

Instead of starting with technology, I started by selecting people that I can work with and are crazy enough to accept working on such an ambitious idea. It turned out that they really liked Crystal and, so, here we are. I have over 30 years of dev experience, and in my previous startup I wrote a significant part of the code. But never wrote a line of code in Crystal before so it does make me feel a little uncomfortable. Its performance is truly amazing and that is what I care most about. Our front-end payload is HTML + vanilla JS (which btw is not needed, everything works in no-js), and probably about 100k on average, very lightweight.

I am based in SF Bay Area, and we are a fully remote team.

Thanks for your interest!

As someone who happily pays for many "free" products/services (like DNS service through NextDNS), I am super excited about products like yours, where I can get a better product and more/better features for money. I received my invite this morning and I am super excited to check it out. I wish you all the best of luck and I am really rooting for your success!

+1, happy paying NextDNS customer here (for 1.5 years now) and recent Kagi user, very happy so far (likely future customer)!

Love NextDNS as well - my only gripe with it is that I cant have separate filters and lists for different sets of devices. Would love to have my family on some more basic security and privacy stuff while keeping the advanced and higher false positive based stuff for my devices.

Hmm, what do you mean? I have a number of different profiles, all with unique settings (lists). It's to the right of the NextDNS logo in the UI as a dropdown. Then in the client you choose which profile you want to connect to.

I guess for the most part I am not using any the clients - I just point my home router DNS, my Android operating system DNS, and any browsers that might bypass. I erroneously assumed those profiles could only be chosen if the client was being used but it looks like I may actually be able to create different profiles and then still just point the devices network settings to the correct IP. Too bad for "LinkedIP" they dont let you manually specify (it looks like you have to click the button while you are on a machine using the network you want to link)

Hmm yeah I was actually also just pointing IP's for a good while[0] until my mobile ISP (4G router) decided to not allow custom DNS to be used, after which I installed the NextDNS app (with DoH or whatever is default) and got rid of that restriction.

[0] I remember I had a cronjob calling a particular custom NextDNS URL regularly, through which I'd like to remember I was able to choose a specific profile

I've not seen much production use of crystal, but its cool to see such a nice product using it. I've been quite happy with kagi since I got my invite.

Crystal really is quite neat, I've got a few years experience with go and picking up Crystal has been easy and quick to get productive. Being able to call C so easily (especially when generated with crystal_lib) is pretty amazing and a big boost compared with go.

great to see Crystal getting adopted in more production grade projects, honestly, It would be awesome to see the language receiving more traction in 2022

So how do I apply?

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