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Have you considered these aspects:

Issue #1: Singapore MOM (Ministry of Manpower) Although your company is in Delaware you are running a business operation in Singapore, for which I'm sure you don't have a work permit, as you are in Singapore as a student.

Issue #2: Singapore MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) I'm willing to bet these guys would want to get clarifications about what you are doing. You are running what could fit either the Security Exchange category or the Gambling Establishment category. I assume you are not registered for neither of them.

Issue #3: Citibank Singapore You are receiving business payments into your personal bank account at Citibank in Singapore. Again, I'm willing to bet somewhere on the Terms & Conditions you signed when you opened your account, it says you cannot use the account for business.

Note that in Singapore, failing to solve any of the 3 issues could result in: #1 - Your student visa being revoked #2 - Legal prosecution

I'm surprised that you having lived in Singapore don't know how strict the Singapore government would be about something like this. I can tell that you are technically gifted but I think your 2 'adult partners' really ought to have informed you about these issues.

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