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Faker.js Has Been Deleted (github.com/marak)
32 points by ColinEberhardt on Jan 5, 2022 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Reposting my comment from the other thread which for unexplained reasons has been flagged and killed.


No more free work from Marak - Pay Me or Fork This


Discussion from the time:


Also a discussion about his blog on the subject (which appears to be down):


No the author links to some qanon type conspiracy crap on reddit in the only issue in that repo.

“Respectfully I am no longer going to support fortune 500s…with my free work”


It would likely be a good idea to divest yourself from this package given the actions of the maintainer. As others have said, this appears to be intentional. There has been a 6.6.6 release to npm published ~8 hours ago as of this post, which has nothing in it.

I have forked original source code. https://github.com/scalalang2/faker.js-mirror

Any suggestions for alternatives? (apart from pinning an old version)

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