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The user-agent is somewhat configurable within the application. You can currently choose between 4 options: Nexus S, iPhone 4, Windows 7 Chrome, or None (no user agent string sent). I didn't want to change the actual strings from what is used on these devices, because I wasn't sure if sites would still recognize the string as corresponding to a mobile device (in the cases of the Nexus S and iPhone 4 options) if I altered it. Maybe this wasn't the best decision but I wasn't intentionally trying to "use my powers for evil". If anyone can think of an alternative let me know.

You are obviously welcome to block my domain/IP (not that I could stop you). I don't currently plan to expand beyond a single host. Even in the midst of all this coverage my single VPS seems to be working fine. Sorry in advance if I cause problems for you or any other admins...

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