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Obviously with any list there's going to be quite a lot of nits to pick... At any rate, here are mine.

Sad to see Stanislaw Lem completely left out in favor of some obviously inferior books (Anathem!?). Also a curious choice for the obligatory Atwood novel. Surprised that Gravity's Rainbow was not on there- I'd put it near the top (maybe it wasn't "Sci-Fi" enough?)

Good to see Canticle for Leibowitz as well as a fair amount of Asimov and Dick.

I added Stanislaw Lem in the reddit thread, didn't get a single upvote :( He's one of my favorite (sci fi) authors. Deep, absurd, comical. By the way, I think Solaris is some of his weaker novels.

I particularly like The Star Diaries, The Cyberiad and His Master's Voice.

Hear, hear. Any "Best of Sci-Fi" list that omits Solaris and includes Ender's Game is worthless.

Any "best sci-fi" list is like a selection of favorite candies. There's fleeting pleasure and some novelty to the experience, but it is what it is and in quantity it's bad for you.

If you want to read literature, choose something that will at least make you think better, not just dazzle you with future tech.

I've read Solaris few years ago, and Ender's Game few months ago. I like both books and I do not see a reason for bashing EG.

Could you elaborate?

The demise of any social website also seems to coincide with the first mention of Ender's Game. Could this be the end of HN as we know it?

I don't think that's a good rule at all. Ender's game a is popular children's novel and is likely remembered fondly in any techie/nerd/geek setting. It just shouldn't belong at the top of a "best of scifi" list.

My favorites are The Invincible and Fiasco

Gravity's Rainbow: recognized, but not recalled, as science fiction. I don't necessarily object to the classification, but it might not come to mind if I were making a list.

Also, Pynchon's prose is very rich - I expect popular lists to be dominated by lighter fare.

I find it amazing that the geekiest of all books ever written gets put aside in the geek canon in favor or space robots shooting lasers...

try Memoirs Found in a Bathtub if you haven't already. It's like The Man Who was Thursday meets Dr. Strangelove.

Anathem is the second-best Stephenson after Diamond Age in my opinion.

I would mark Diamond Age as "OK" at best. Interesting ideas, terrible and rushed ending. If Anathem is worse than Diamond Age, it most definitely does not belong on the list.

Rushed endings are a staple of Stephenson books. Anathem probably has the least rushed one.

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