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Next Hacker News DC Meetup on Tuesday, September 13th (hackernewsdc.org)
59 points by RKlophaus 2206 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

DC is becoming a place to be for startups on the east coast. Hacker News DC is a big part of it, a great meetup to meet and exchange with fellows DC hackers. Good job Rusty!!

These meetups are great for DC hackers and entrepreneurs! If you classify yourself thus, you must attend!

So we were able to handle an earthquake and a hurricane within a few days of each other with almost nothing to show for it, yet we get a few days of rain and everything's flooded and shut down. Good job nature.

On a related note, see you all there!

Always have a great time and meet interesting folks at the DC Hacker meetups

We will definitely be there to discuss our new startup in dc.

I'm not usually the meetup type, but a HN meetup I'd consider.

I'd be up for a Chicago one if anyone else is.

I'll be there! Thanks for organizing this Rusty

really bummed I can't make it this time. this is the coolest meetup around! :)

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