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Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com/) | Director of Product Design, SRE, Software Engineers, Director of Technical Writing, Product Designer | ALL REMOTE

Sourcegraph is code search that helps developers find code and automate large-scale changes.

Our mission is to make code accessible to everyone and bring the power of search to code. We’re doing this by building the Netscape and Google for the world of code—both private code inside companies like Uber, Lyft, Cloudflare, Yelp, and Twitter—and over all open source. We're 100% focused on code search and bringing it to every dev and company.

We plan to index all the open source code in the world and are hiring teammates to join us in doing so. At Sourcegraph, you will be a part of our foundational team to bring universal code search to every developer and company so they can stay in the flow. Come join us!


My biggest endorsement of Sourcegraph is that on Sunday nights I look forward to getting back to it on Monday morning to work with my amazing team and solve hard problems. I struggled with Sunday scaries at my previous job and I've had nothing like that at Sourcegraph.

I highly encourage you to apply if you have even a passing interest in Sourcegraph. Check out our handbook (https://handbook.sourcegraph.com) where we answer most questions you'll have. Or send me an email and I'd gladly chat with you about the company and how we operate.

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