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FBI Raids Solyndra (go.com)
6 points by samstave 2029 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

The assumption is if they had preferential treatment for the DOE loan.

However there are a lot of indicators that they DID have preferential treatment based on the 20+ WhiteHouse visits from investors and staff of the company.

They were touted as being a "Green Shoots" and posterboy for .gov investment to create jobs, and they pull the douchebaggery of shuttering out 1,100 employees with no notice, severance or vacation pay.


A US government subsidized US producer of solar panels supposedly loses price war to Chinese subsidized solar panels producers. One thing that comes to mind is that China has much harsher, up to capital, punishment for squandering of government money and corruption (of course it doesn't stop squandering or corruption, yet it still forces perpetrators to produce the actual results for the money to avoid the prosecution coming upon them)

Right, or be part of the government itself.

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