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To be honest, your age isn't a problem, because the average above-average developer is still not competent to write this sort of software. If you had been doing security and financial software since birth, I might consider putting a bit of trust in the kitty to start.

I'm going to pitch a different take than a few others: Yes, great initiative, please keep trying things and building things, but end this project now. There are no probable outcomes where you do not end up having to explain where thousands of dollars of other people's money went to some angry people. There's also very nontrivial odds of being on the wrong end of armed Federal agents, based on some of the other comments you've made here. This is a horrible, horrible first-project sort of project.

Let me put it this way: Would you be willing to convert the BitCoins in your system into cash, put it in your front window, and post daily pictures of the pile of cash to your Facebook account, set to public visibility? Because that's roughly what you're doing.

Sadly, I have to agree with this.

You're very smart, zhoutong, and your eager and polite acceptance of feedback does you great credit. But I would not attempt what you're doing, and I know a fair amount about both trading infrastructure and security.

And though your site is very impressive, I immediately spot a major omission: you say nothing about your margin call policy. Do you have one? What will you do when one of your users' accounts goes to zero, and then negative?

Yes, we have. I admit that I didn't make it visible on the site itself. But the system checks every single user every 5 seconds.

We have two metrics: net value and minimum net value. When NV < MNV, all positions are immediately liquidated. When NV < 2MNV, a warning is visible on trading panel. (Future feature: margin call email)

These metrics are completely transparent, showing in different colors to represent health status. Once you give it a try you will know.

Agreed. They are great to build things, but money is like playing with fire. It is not a good idea to have this as your first project.

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