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Well, wonderful suggestion - I'm trying to break your scheme for my own amusement. ;-)

Note that the attack works fine if the system allows me to keep buying BTC at, say, Mt Gox' price plus 10%. (For values of "works fine" which handwave a lot of practical issues, like paying you untraceably and making sure that I don't get undercut at Mt Gox too often.)

Maybe you should switch to 1:1 leverage for all accounts once the total balance goes over $1000 until you've had some time to think this kind of thing through?

EDIT: you also want a security@ account and a PGP key. I'm also happy to remove this discussion if you'd prefer that; I arguably shouldn't have posted the first post publicly.

Thanks for that! Really.

I will consider this and focus on my algorithm design further.

I don't mind if you leave the discussion here. Hiding a problem is never the solution. :-)

Thanks for posting publicly. It helps third parties to consider attacks to their own software that may not have occurred to them.

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