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why don't you allow to withdraw bitcoins?

Isn't bitcoin built because it's easy to make transactions? Why withdrawal can be done only through mtgox redeemable codes in US dollars?

The problem lies on margin accounts. If you use any Forex brokerage platform to trade Euro, for example, you won't get the actual Euro anyway. What you get is still US Dollars when you close your positions.

Of course, it's easier to withdraw in BTC. But it isn't too difficult to redeem in Mt. Gox and buy Bitcoins as well.

I'll try to see if BTC withdrawal is useful. But by any means, Bitcoinica is designed for trading (both investing and speculating), and the accounting currency is always USD. This makes margin trading, short selling and all kinds of complex orders possible.

I don't want to use mt.gox, I moved all my money out of them because the way they treated me and other customers, blocking my account and my money for a lot of time; that's why I'm searching for an alternative exchange.

I think only alternative is tradehill, and their interface/features suck.

There is another in closed beta; I can't remember the name because I keep missing their enrollment windows. But when I get to my email account I can post it here.

http://ruxum.com (also http://campbx.com). Fwiw, I've seen one or two posts over on reddit.com/r/bitcoin offering invite codes to Ruxum in the past few weeks.

i run intersango.com

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