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I do keep wondering if it's worth being first on the scene with a new idea

People pushing image NFTs will likely be keen to promote anything that can ding an argument against the naysayers, especially if they're cryptographically compensated somehow (whatever the web3 version of affiliate links is, is it airdrops?)

Might be some free real estate to be had if anyone's got any png-less ideas

Side comment I do realise I probably come off super naive to people who have already learned all this. I am trying! I've not come across a less newcomer friendly community since I started tinkering with Linux 20 years ago haha. "You just don't understand" is almost as much a web3 catchphrase as wagmi

Admittedly Linux is now my sole non-mobile daily driver, maybe I'll get there with web3. Having had a tinker I do like the idea of the tech, I've just not had the "click" into how it's actually usable (for me) yet


I'm creating an NFT project that's doing something I've never really seen other projects doing in any capacity, and can confirm it's pretty hard doing something against the current perception of what is possible with the tech. It's been disheartening sometimes tbh because of the stigma the tech has currently, and I've been called a scammer more than a few times simply because I'm creating a project that utilizes NFTs, by people who only know of the current "link to png on cloud storage and nothing else" model that is most common.

Oh well, I just hope that when I release my project next month that I can prove that it's an incredibly unique experience that some group of people find it to be an exciting product.

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