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I've been using ifttt to:

* Scour Craigslist for an apartment in San Francisco

* Put indeed.com job searches for "UI Design San Francisco" into Evernote

* Monitor airline fares for the cheapest time to buy a one-way ticket from BOS to SFO

* Text me when the temperature in zip code 94103 rises above 68 to remind myself to get out and enjoy my new city.

THANKS IFTTT! I couldn't have done it without you!

funny, the first ifttt i created was to SMS me if the temp tomorrow will be above 90 (in Los Angeles) so i can stay inside.

Thank you! How are you getting the airline fares? Feeds, I imagine, but from where? Lots of people asking how to do that.


For tracking changes in flight costs, you should probably check out http://adioso.com (YC-funded).

That’s really hot! Thanks for the link. I’m forwarding it to my girlfriend.

...yes you could - you can actually perform exactly those tasks using http://femtoo.com. Although IFTTT is great, Femtoo has the advantage that you can track changes and be notified, or fire events when content of ANY web page, not just those listed.

Femtoo also supports Notifo notifications (direct to your mobile) and optionally a URL callback, so you can even create your own event handlers.

For example, I have a Femtoo tracker that is monitoring the latest BBC news headline, whenever it changes, Femtoo calls the LiveDirectory.org API to update the BBC profile here: http://livedirectory.org/profile/bbc - as LiveDirectory.org is a pub/sub system, subscribers to the LiveDirectory BBC profile will recieve a webhook style callback.

Additionally, Femtoo stores every value of every change in content so you can see history data about flight prices with pretty graphs etc...oooohhh!

ifttt has the advantage of a beautiful design, being free, and not spamming their service on hacker news.

FYI adioso.com (YC W09) does airline price notifications :)

Once adioso covers more airlines it will be useful.

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