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Shuush (shuu.sh)
213 points by isomorph on Sept 7, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 33 comments

Nice idea.

+1 for requesting the bare minimum permissions from my Twitter account. It's not often I see that.

A few commments:

- 11's Tweets are too small to read.

- How does it classify users who @reply a lot (not @mention) but write very few "public" Tweets? (As an example, have a look at @atebits[1].)

[1] https://twitter.com/#!/atebits

I imagine it doesn't distinguish between @reply's and normal messages. I'm making this assumption because it assigned me a Shuush level of 5 even though nearly all of my tweets are @reply's, but other people who tweet "regular" tweets far more often than me were assigned 3's and 4's. I wouldn't be surprised if all it's really doing is taking the two data points of number of tweets and signup date and using that to compute an average tweets-per-day metric.

Props for only requesting read access, I wouldn't have used the application otherwise. The idea is good, but there wasn't enough variation among the people I follow for it to be too useful.

I like the idea, but the timeline feels a bit weird. Mostly, I wonder why the photos don't change size like the tweets. As the are the ones determining the organization of the timeline (tweets are much too short), I see almost no difference between, say, 4 and 11. It could be better.

Edit: Just realized the effect is better when you skim fast through the timeline.

Are there two different sizes used for 11? I have two 11s next to each other, one with font-size 10.135196568048482px, and the other 6.871829374810328px.

I agree with some of the other people who posted in reply to this. I think it is an awesome concept because it is always a drag to have to dig through posts from people who put up twenty a day to find the people who put one every once in a while.

I wonder if there isn't another method of sorting you could do. I have few friends so don't know about the large scale application. But possibly sorting them into friends and having their pictures sized differently based on posts. And then click on the picture and you can scroll through their posts. Something along the lines of showing the post from that friend who rarely posts without scrolling down to find it.

This is an awesome idea, and like others have said, props for thoughtful permissions management.

Oddly though, I found that the prolific tweeters were the ones I wanted to see, and the infrequent ones were less interesting. I have a core of prolific users (none of whom I have met) that I follow because I like their content, and then an outer constellation of people I follow because I know them. Tweets from the former actually have a better signal-to-noise. Is mine an unusual usage pattern for Twitter?

Ditto. e.g. heavier twitter users (at least the ones I follow) have better content overall, or, stuff I want to see. Otherwise I wouldn't follow them :)

The 'light' accounts I follow are mostly personal ones whom I'm interested in. This isn't a bad concept but I would rather it 'highlight' the less-tweeters among us and leave the standard ones alone.

e.g. highlight but don't detract from the busier folks. Probably proves useful for a lot of people but not for me.

I'd be more interested in a classifier that learns which tweets I'm likely to be interested in.

Like it, helps throw up tweets I'd otherwise have missed. Some tweets are in way to small a font to read. Would also like to see a version where the timeline is not the same as Twitters default time line, but is one based on degrees.

The scale should go from 1 to Robert Scoble

Maybe if they made an Android app of it.

Did anyone else see the title and think that it was a new shell?

My guess was on shell, but I was pleasantly surprised.

A nice idea, but it needs a few tweaks. The vertical height doesn't change between a 3 and an 11, so they both occupy the same eye space. It'd be nice if the avatar, text and the entire block were scaled according to the size. Also, there's not much of a size difference (as far as I can tell) between 6 and 11.

Hah, Guy Kawasaki's tweets are too small to read. Nice.

Interesting, but needs a visual design pass...

well, a really nice niche concept!

Scaling up/down might be a bit of problem though. I'm not sure if this logic fits here:

You're shrinking down the tweets of the people who are more frequent,and vice-versa.The first time I used Shuu.sh I didn't notice much(my bad), but after a couple of time turning it on and off, I noticed what is happening.

Will it not make more sense to limit the 'number' of tweets shown based upon the frequency of the tweeter? And the number being decided based upon number or retweets of that tweet or something? Giving user an option of how many tweets from a person of specific frequency would he like to see or determining it on the basis of how many he is following and how many are following those who are being followed by this user.

Uggh.. I just realized, I made it sound more complex that it really is. Umm.. sorry for that ! :D

I love the idea, but I would prefer to see the infrequent tweets at the top of the page above the frequent ones instead of the frequent ones being so tiny I can't read them even if I want to.

Agree, or highlight the infrequent ones in place.

The people who I follow that don't tweet don't seem to be any more (or less) interesting than anyone else so I'm not sure I'll use it anyway but its a clever idea.

Neat. I would like to be able to use the slider (or a similar concept) that you have on the home page so I can just look at the infrequent ones. I want to only look at 8-11 for example.

Interesting. Like the concept. Couple of points 1. The degree 11 tweets are too small to be readable. 2. Nice to have: color code the tweets based on context.

Apparently I follow a bunch of chatterboxes as almost my entire stream is comprised of high volume tweeters. Explains why I don't pay much attention though!

Didn't work for my stream: the frequent updaters are the ones who are fun and informative, and the infrequent the ones that say stuff about their days.

Cute idea. But my tweets are some of the largest things and I'm not really seeing much else - and mine are pretty frequent, too.

I thought so too, but it turns out that I'm following a bunch of blabber mouths. I got ranked a 2!

It would be really nice if the title of this submission offered a detail or two other than the domain name.

It might just be me, but the people I follow that post infrequently often post nothing interesting.

Interesting, just the other day I was wondering if facebook does this right now.

this is a really good idea. It makes me wonder about setting my twitter client to follow alternate sources.

Looks good, how did it get noticed?

great stuff!

Interesting concept.

I don't understand why this app needs to access my direct messages.

I'm gonna have to use a fake account.

"This application will not be able to:

Follow new people.

Update your profile.

Post Tweets for you.

Access your direct messages.

See your Twitter password."

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