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Some time ago, the Reddit community expressed their interest to have an @reddit email account (they were willing to pay for POP access, etc.). I tried to contact the Reddit admins by Reddit messages, email, Facebook, etc, because we can provide them with @reddit mail accounts in no time and scalability is not an issue (we have installations in some of the biggest ISPs in the world) and it would cost them nothing as we were wanting to do a rev-share deal. Sadly I never heard back.

There's an opportunity to monetize Reddit users, even if they seem somewhat far from the core product.

It's not really that far from their core product. To me, Reddit is this big clubhouse where you get all of the references and in-jokes. Having a Reddit email address is just one more thing that shows you belong.

In my experience, I've gotten really poor responses from the Reddit admins almost every time. When I say poor I mean 'none'.

I don't think it's a function of them being bad or lazy, but being such a small team for such an enormous site. I can't imagine being the sole community manager for such a monster. You have to triage between "will answer tersely" and "will ignore". And unless it's a lawsuit or a fire about to burn down the server room, almost everybody seems to end up in "will ignore".

I know what you mean. It must be pretty hard.

I tried many times with no luck. Shame really, because @reddit.com could be deployed like really really fast.

I guess I'll give it another go perhaps. Maybe use a promoted ad to get their attention (and support Reddit in the process :) )

For the best results, reply to an administrator in a comment thread. I think that has the best response rate.

/r/ideasfortheadmins is the place you should post.

How much have people said they'd pay? I doubt it'll be that much. How can you do it for free? The email market seems to free now, can you really make money by selling email?

People pay for Reddit Gold. I don't see why they wouldn't pay for an @reddit.com email address, too.

Or perhaps the email address could come with Reddit Gold

We had that in mind :)


I can't seem to find the original Reddit discussion. It does not have to be much. Is a numbers game and Reddit has a lot of users.

I remember our initial calculations were interesting to everyone involved.

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