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Sad to see them hiring an outside CEO instead of promoting from within. I don't think hired CEOs work so well for products that are still at the stage Reddit is at.

They need someone with deep, intimate knowledge of the community and the product. The best source for that in my opinion would be internal.

Reddit is currently a small team of developers, so there's really no "within" to promote from. I don't know them personally, but I somehow doubt any of the developers wants to be CEO.

Who says developers can't be CEOs?

Zuckerberg, Gates, Page, ...

I didn't say they can't. But the guys you mentioned showed clear signs of wanting to lead right from the start. Zuckerberg and Gates in particular started off with big egos, big ambitions and a clear desire to spearhead a technological vision. Again, I don't know the Reddit team, but have you seen any of their developers taking any kind of leadship initiative?

i think they did a pretty good job increasing the monthly page views to 1.6 billion..

That is not an example of a developer taking leadership initiative.

I believe they only have one person from within still there that could do it.

Do they need more than one CEO?

Sounds like you should have said "they still have someone within who could do it!"

I guess I was trying to make a snarky comment about the fact that most of us who would be reasonable choices left before it became an option.

Was it really that bad? (Or am I just reading the tone of your comment incorrectly?)

Like hueypriest hasn't become enough of an egotistical megalomaniac as it is, he has been banning entire reddits, creating an army of super mods and shadow banning anyone who questions his decisions. Great CEO material right there...

Says the guy who was promoted to CEO last week :-)

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