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Friend and I have recently launched a side project where we give away high quality, royalty-free music. Early days but we’re making ~$800 per month from YouTube’s content ID payments alone.


You appear to be content Id claiming the add revenue of the people that use your music for "free". Calling that "royalty-free" and saying that the music is "free in exchange for a credit/attribution" feels a little misleading.

It is royalty free if they stump up the up front cost, but the idea that using this music will cause you to lose ad revenue on your YouTube videos should be front and centre.

Nah, we're pretty clear about it right there on the homepage of the site. If we don’t register our tracks with YouTube’s Content ID, then malicious actors will register our music as their own and monetise our user’s videos.

Many of the people using our tracks are small YouTubers that aren't even eligible for monetisation. The bigger YouTubers who want to monetise are happy to buy a $39 license.

Colossus and Good Days are catchy! Fantastic work


These are great tracks. Thank you!

Nice. How do you police unauthorized uses ("no audiobooks" for example)?

So you learned to make electronic music?

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