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I can't tell if you're serious or not. In case you are...what makes you think reddit is dying? All indications point to continued explosive growth. I've been on reddit for about 5 or 6 years and it's pretty clear the site goes through growing pains but consistently gets over them. Overall it is better and better every day, with more lively intelligent discussion than even in the beginning days.

There might be a really cool cafe on my block, and I might go in there and have lively discussions with intelligent people, and there might be more and more people in that cafe every day, but if the cafe doesn't sell any coffee it goes out of business.

Sure. But to suggest that the site might be dying at the (so far) height of its popularity seems odd, which is why I was asking for clarification. Would you describe Twitter as dying? Or YouTube? Or any other sites that have been infamously unprofitable for years and years before eventually turning it around?

Twitter is well funded and big enough that there would be signs of collapse before it started to die. YouTube is owned by Google and has tons of advertising. I'm not worried about either of them.

Reddit is owned by a publishing company that's lost interest in keeping it around, it's not nearly as big as Twitter or YouTube yet, and it has one of the worst audiences imaginable for monetization. I wouldn't say it's dying per se, but they have to start thinking about how they're going to pay for all those new servers and all that new staff.

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