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Would be really amazed if Reddit would sell so low, considering their fast-growing visitor numbers. http://blog.reddit.com/2011/09/how-reddit-works.html

Remember Reddit Only has one ad per pageview

That's the theoretical maximum, in reality it's much much lower. For the sake of this comment I just visited a few random reddit pages, I saw:

2 adverts for reddit merchandise,

1 reddit flash game,

1 advert for reddit gold,

1 for a subreddit,

1 "thanks for not using adblock",

1 for the reddit ad system,

1 for a conference called poptech

and then on 3 pages I saw "sponsored links".

However, Reddit users are notoriously cheap and anti-commercial.

As the user base grows there is a growing amount of thinly disguised commercial content that sneaks in, often through strategic product placement in pictures.

Since the community is less vigilant than it used to, I assume that the newcomers are less concerned about commerce.

It doesn't take much to send a fickle user base like Reddit's running for the next Internet hangout. There are plenty of examples from the recent past. Remember Digg?

Sure, it´s not easy. But there are and will be many reveue sources. http://mashable.com/2011/02/08/reddit-hires/ once said: "This kind of traffic growth has helped the site lure “big-ticket” advertisers, according to site admins; another rising source of revenue is the site’s sponsored link system, which is used to promote SMBs, startups, blog posts, YouTube videos and other kinds of content. And Reddit Gold continues to be a success, too."

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