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Seems like what happened to digg. Didn't Digg balloon to 75+ employees at one point? I wonder if Reddit is going to head down that same route.

As long as I'm on the board, I'll do everything I can to stop any nonsense like that.

My first thought when they said you were on the board was "Well at least we'll have an honest witness to the train wreck that's likely to ensue."

I really hope they actually listen to you. Would you consider taking the CEO job there? Best possible outcome.

Conde Nast buys reddit, and people predict a train wreck. Conde Nast spins reddit off, and people predict a train wreck.

There's just no pleasing you guys...

For years the cat was bored with the mouse so it just kept it caged up and starving. But the mouse got fat and juicy anyway. Now the cat is licking its lips.

> Conde Nast buys reddit, and people predict a train wreck.

Has it not been a train wreck in terms of profitability? Or is Reddit making a few hundred million in profit nowadays?

Usually, I wouldn't put much stake in a statement like that. But for you sir, I make an exception.

Best of luck, and congratulations.

Good luck, it looks daunting.

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