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ZeroCater is looking for people to talk to restaurants.
on Sept 6, 2011 | hide
We're growing rapidly and expanding our service to cities across the US. Demand is huge, but we need to find and partner with the best restaurants in every city. We're looking for friendly, high energy people who aren't fazed by the idea of making 70 calls a day. Benefits - Stock options - Medical, dental, and vision insurance - Free lunches, snacks & drinks - Xbox.

Requirements - High energy - Personable, enjoy talking to people. - Willing to work weekends and holidays as business needs require - Able to work out of San Francisco, but ready to make trips to new markets we're expanding into.

To apply: Send us your resume with three references and a short introduction telling us the accomplishment you're most proud of. (And anything else you think we should know.) jobs@zerocater.com

For more details, see http://www.ZeroCater.com/jobs

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