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DigMyData: aha-nalytics (balsamiq.com)
10 points by sinzone on Sept 6, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

Hi - this is Adam with DigMyData. We're eager for feedback on our small business CEO dashboard. Happy to engage here or on Twitter (@digmydata).

Looks really nice.

Super small feedback on the video on the front page: There's a strange peeping noise every time the mic is activated and the lady talks. Kind of confused me and had to listen to her a second time.

Is it real time?

Data is extracted approx every 2 hours. Most services rate limit and none of the services offer "real time" data through their API (excepting Twitter).

Next video we do we'll turn down the peeping noise =)

The real time question was more of an catch question, actually. I would probably like and use an option to limit the refreshing of the data to every morning, 8 o'clock.

The analytics software at my current job is 'real' time and just motivates everybody to react like chickens or stay up late just to see the data early or refresh every 5 minutes. Not because it makes sense, but because it's possible.

I know one of the founders personally. These are good guys with a great product. Do yourself a favor and give DigMyData a try.

I'm Egor, developer of DigMyData. I'm excited to participate in this project. We put a lot of effort trying to make this application more useful and convenient for users. Thank you.

I was amazed to see how clear the chart is even having that much information in it. You guys really managed to turn data into stories. I definitely recomend it.

I'm a co-founder of DigMyData.com mentioned in this article. We are eager for feedback. Drop on by.

Very cool guys - looking forward to passing it on to my past adventures.


It's a great service for your product analytics. Try a free trial

Very cool idea from two great guys. Check it out!

Very excited about seeing this service in action.

Thanks, Dan

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