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Main bit I don't understand is who is eating cereal anymore? Literally don't think I've seen someone eat a bowl of cereal in twenty years.

Kelloggs is one of those companies where you might know them from cereal, but they actually own a ton of food companies across a wide variety of verticals and just don’t put their logo on the boxes/cans.

Like, if you’re in the US, you’ve likely never heard of Unilever, but you’ve bought a lot of food from them.

They do over a billion dollars in sales every month.

Post does a $2 billion per quarter, General Mills does $5 billion a quarter

So a lot of people are eating cereal it seems.

I used to think the same thing, but realized I just got older.

I don't know your experience, but we grew up low middle class at best and ate tons of cereal.

Now that I'm older and more affluent, I guess I don't personally know anyone who really eats it anymore. But I also don't really know many kids, either.

I assume it's still selling, supermarkets aren't dumb enough to devote an entire aisle to something nobody is buying.

That's the funny thing - in the UK the cereal isle isn't a thing any more, it's gotten smaller and smaller and now it's just a few metres of shelving.

Ah, I didn't even think about other countries. Apologies.

Here in the US, I can't think of a typical supermarket I've been to that doesn't devote an entire side of one aisle to it, even today.

Kellogg’s sells a lot more than just cereal: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Kellogg%27s_brands

I eat cereal almost every day. The only thing that's changed since I was a kid is the type of cereal. It used to be Trix and Froot Loops, then it was Honey Nut Cheerios, now it's Bob's Red Mill Homestyle Granola.

In that period have you seen someone eat Cheez-Its, Pop-Tarts, or Pringles? These are also Kellogg’s brands.

Not seem a Pop-Tart in about a decade. Doesn't really fit modern ideas of diets. Pringles I've seen at a few parties.

Do you go to grocery stores? Even if you have never seen someone eating cereal, the fact that it takes up 20-40 feet of an aisle should make it obvious that many someones are buying it.

Even large supermarkets where I live only have 2-3 metres of cereals. Less than for example shelf space devoted to sherry.

Maybe it's regional? Here in Boise both Winco and Albertson's have a full aisle with both sides of the aisle dedicated to cereal.

Were you working from home before the pandemic?

The only place I've seen people eat cereal is coworkers at the office (across 3 companies).

hi :) i do eat cereals, i like them.

Everyone likes them, they are just nutritionally void at best, and straight candy at worst.

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