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It's hard to believe that booth babes actually work in sales. I assume everyone knows that they are not going to get her number. She can't answer any questions obviously. Am I in the minority for feeling that hired fake flirty girls are insulting my intelligence with such a shallow attempt to manipulate me?

This actually made me wonder if they occasionally do get picked up. There must be some reason that guys think talking to them is not a waste of time...

They're not for you. They're for the huge majority of bozos, who, unlike you, are only at the conference because it's a junket and some free time away from work. Eye candy is a huge plus.

By that logic, aren't the booth babes just as pointless? If the idea is to drive sales, and those people aren't there to make purchasing decisions, then it's a lost cause.

> those people aren't there to make purchasing decisions

He didn't say they couldn't make purchasing decisions. Besides, there's still likely to be some value in being front-of-mind when people go back to their companies.

Those people sometimes bring along a 'straight man'. I end up doing this all the time - the hypothetical boss just wants to drink for free and oogle pretty girls, and I talk to the sales engineer/sales guy. On the plus side, it keeps the boss distracted and stops stupid questions...

You don't seriously think the male unconscious mind is that rational do you?

Aren't booth babes not just a copy of car shows? I think in car shows they are doing this because of the "when you drive (buy) this car you can get all the babes in the world".

I also don't get it in sports. Why should a striptease-looking-girl give the winner the price (motorsport for example)?

I think booth babes are an expression of "I've got nothing interesting for you so I hired some babes to get your attention".

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