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Show HN: BidOnMyDay, bid to have me fly to you and do anything
113 points by driverdan on Sept 4, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 29 comments
Looking for feedback on my newest project, BidOnMyDay: http://bidonmyday.com

I came up with this idea a few weeks ago when JetBlue reopened sales of their BluePass. You bid to have my fly to you, using my BluePass, and do whatever work you need done. I'm a web developer but I'm willing to do almost anything. Bids start at $1.

To add additional value I'm doing a video and blog post of each job, with do-follow backlinks.


This is a great idea and I hope it brings you a month of interesting adventures.

That said, hope you'll be cleaning my home some time soon. :p

I concurr, this is a fantastic idea. A book and/or blog series on your adventures would definitely count me as an avid reader!

Thanks for submitting a bid. If it wins I promise I'll do a good job :)

You might want to put a comment somewhere that bids will only be accepted if it is actually possible to fly JetBlue to get to the bidder's home/business.

I'll accept any location if the bidder wants to pay for the additional transportation. Antartica? No problem!

Seems like a great way for a startup to get some inexpensive attention via your services. Wish I had something to offer right now, good luck!

Good luck! I was considering bidding, but learned that JetBlue doesn't fly to where I am.

Any plans to turn this into something similar to Kickstarter where bidders can post their task for you and others can attempt to pay additional money to see it happen? Or is this meant to me more of a surprise for you on arrival?

Pending Success, consider opening this up to anyone with the Blue Pass. I'm sure there's plenty of people who would be interested in this work model, should be easy enough for you to take a small percentage of each accepted bid.

I'm viewing your site with Chrome on Ubuntu and your linked text is overlapping onto your other text. Sounds like a fun idea, though. I hope that you'll keep records for us to see. EDIT: So is your bolded text.

I'm looking into it. It's probably a font issue since Linux fonts are a bit different than OS X and Windows.

Interesting idea, though I can't help but think that you should have left a little more time for this to spread (it's labour day weekend after all)?

Had I thought of it a month or two ago I would have given it a lot more time for promotion.

I've been working on it for a few weeks and needed to launch. The BluePass is only good Aug 22 to Nov 22. There are still parts I'm working on completing, like outgoing email and automatic confirmation.

I have Dan this Saturday. A day of brainstorming the re-architecture of my website. No coding. Just thinking.

... is this right - someone bid $20,000?

I like the idea, a pretty radical one too! :) All the best!! Do share the results with the community

No bids yet? Come on people, looks good! Would bid but we are in London :(

Wow good idea man.

Doesn't mention whether this includes the option of "adult" services.

I'll take those on a case-by-case basis ;)

tangential: it amazes me more attractive women don't pull a natalie dylan.

My guess is that most women who decide to try prostitution has had sex before.

I dunno, once you hit 6 figures calling it prostitution seems...like it violates the connotations built into that word. Much less seven figures, enough to retire on.

Any plans for carbon offset? Please?

You could buy up all his days and tell him his job is to not fly anywhere.

If I can find a legitimate way of doing it that's backed by science and not some feel-good greenwashing I'd consider it. Recommendations?


I know South Park-style anti-liberalism can be fun, but we don't have to let the word "green" be sucked up by big business.

Offset your carbon for this little adventure of yours, please. Sometimes, flight travel is unavoidable, and, sometimes, people can barely afford the flight yet alone offsets. However, this whole experiment is obviously not about affordability or unavoidable flights, right?

Thank you!

Haha downvoted, really? Anyone want to enlighten me as to why?

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