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So, you're saying leadership is not about leading people?

Aye. There's a sense in which being an inventor or an intellectual that pushes a culture forward is "leadership", but we have other words for that, we call those people visionaries or influential thinkers or a force in society and lots of other things too. Trying to appropriate the word "leadership" when there are so many other positive ways to describe the qualities of an independent thinker or maker is a bit silly.

You could even call it "thought leadership" without impinging on the wider sense of "leadership".

Some folks have the idea that that leaders boss people around and tell them what to do. That's actually micro-managing or dictatorship depending on whether it's corporate or government level.

Leaders are people that inspire others who follow them in some way. It's not about being an authoritarian or having power.

Leadership definitely means leading people, and there are different ways to lead. I think of livestock. One can stand in front of the livestock and call them, pull on a rope attached to them, get behind them and push them, or get behind them and scare or whip them. Those are all different ways to 'lead' the livestock and can all technically be effective if done with the right skill sets. The author is talking about the "Stand in front and call" type of leadership.

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