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Ask HN: How do you share screenshots?
13 points by C0x 3241 days ago | hide | past | web | 29 comments | favorite
Here is my startup http://floomby.com. Floomby captures and shares screenshots. What tools do you use to share screenshots?

I use Jing: http://www.jingproject.com/

The way it works is really nice, it is easy to capture and share. Unfortunately the application is a bit too heavy for my laptop (1 gig memory etc). Starts really slow and takes up too much of memory.

I love it because it can upload to my own FTP and paste links from my own site which is often faster than screencast.com for my audience.

Startup time really sucks, though. But once it's running, I'm super, super pleased with it.

I agree, it is too heavy and requires .NET Framework 3.0.

Jing not work for me on Windows XP SP2 + .Net 3.0 :(

Skitch !

It's for Mac only?

Sure is. And it's awesome.

I use: Printscreen + Adobe Photoshop + Gmail :)

Nice tool, it's for win but works on linux+wine even. Good luck!

Alt+Print Screen, paste to public Dropbox folder (Directory Opus supports screenshot paste), right click->copy public link

Dropbox rocks.

Snapz Pro X for screenshots and department web site or email to share.

I use GrabUp (http://grabup.com). It's much quicker than skitch but it has a stripped down feature set.

Skitch, ScreenSteps, and another one I forget that starts with P, and its a whole page capture tool on the mac.

I'm use PrintScreen on Mac and Apple Mail

Definitely Skitch. Skitch is amazing.

It would be good if the application shows a preview of screen capture before uploading

I am currently using Snagit

I have a little bash script I use on OS X:

screencapture -x screen.png && scp screen.png myserver:www

SnagIt -- best tool out there for Windows

Either skitch, or just Shift-Ctrl-Cmd-4 and paste into an iChat window.

Same here, but the Ctrl isn't required.

It is if you want to put the screenshot in the clipboard rather than on the Desktop.

I use scrot and then upload the resulting screenshot to my slice.

I use evernote.com

wow. this program is the bomb

i use kam studio and SnagIT . will try your tool too

import (ImageMagick) + hg (mercurial)

super+drag (ubuntu) and Flickr

It looks like the Wikipedia article about your company was taken down already.


Sep 4, 2008 ... Floomby - internet service for sharing screenshots and files on the web. It was developed by Alexander Katasonov and Andrey Ivanichenko.

Do you have any relation to the individual posting in this thread as ivankuznetsov?

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