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Imagine future, with Neuralink DRM. You go to tell your friend the summary of the movie you just saw, but thankfully the implant was able to disable your vocal cords just in time to protect the intellectual property of the copy right holder.

And the implant will also disable your vocal cords for the sharing of bad or good opinions about the movie. Whether it's the good or bad ones that are being blocked depends whether the publisher runs ad campaigns through Neuralink or not.

Or turn you into a temporary vegetable so law enforcement can come pick you up.

> was able to disable your vocal cords just in time

Or make you forget instantly!

Your limited time license to Disneys "The Lion King" has just expired please assume a stable position while the licensing system purges your long term memory of any audio, visual or emotional response associated with it or pay $10 for the limited time chance of upgrading your memories to the latest Lion King remake with a monthly subscription fee of only $5.99^1 .

^1 Actual viewing of the movie not included, use of IP during social events requires a premium license, disparaging comments are subject to filtering and may result in license termination, Disney is not responsible for any long term damage to your brain, ... .

TriStar's lawyers have deemed your comment to be an unauthorised reproduction of the Total Recall plot line. Please step into the room opening on your left.

I first read it as "Please step into the window opening on your left" and thought how creepy it was, but then I realized that it would be a loss of a consumer and associated future profit, on the other hand in this case missed future profit can be charged from your possessions.

This reminds me of Tom Scott's "Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers" video [1]

[1] https://youtu.be/IFe9wiDfb0E

Also see the other video Tom Scott made on this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JlxuQ7tPgQ

Fantastic (and scary), thank you.

These media fingerprinting databases are truly dystopian. I have come across a wide range of media recently that is being erased from our culture this way. The media giants say "don't pirate it, you can buy/rent it from us". But - and this is a big but - what if you can't rent/buy it? What if the media giant just adds the content's fingerprint to the database but then erases or locks away all copies of it.

Now you cannot upload it to any site with any serious audience. I have videos that the networks have locked away, but yet I cannot upload them to Youtube/Vimeo or anything similar because they are flagged. I cannot self-host them because the bandwidth requirements would kill me. Sure, they probably exist on places like Freenet, but that is essentially inaccessible for most mortals.

Once all the people that know of these things die off we'll only be left with whispers on the Web where such things are mentioned as having once existed, but can never be seen.

An interesting example: CBS pulled Star Trek from Netflix in Germany, but because they licensed Paramount+ to Sky, which launches next year, now some of the show's aren't available at all.

Yep, another example that I was thinking of. There is no way for you to get that content legally right now, although it will be available in the future (allegedly).

Never heard of a piratebox before?

I have now ;)

This was fantastic.

When I worked on Microsoft's DRM products in the early 00s I came to the sudden realization that if we had AR glasses in the future they could block out things from our vision and replace them with adverts. Ugh. It will come true.

I would not be surprised if this became reality one day. Copyright is an atrocity.

wow. i can totally see this happening. It's not even funny anymore

Tom Scott's speculative fiction about the end game of a DRM-based future:


"Welcome to Life"

"The Artificial Intelligence That Deleted A Century" is another similar one from Tom.


You are basically describing this old (2012) video, where this concept is applied to a brain-upload afterlife: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFe9wiDfb0E

Brain upload afterlife will be a lot more like https://qntm.org/mmacevedo

I can also imagine one company disabling Neuralink DRM and another one publishing full-page ads in NYT how much it hurts small businesses in the USA.

"Domestic terrorists hack and corrupt millions of Neuralink implants"

Or they pay to silently implant a positive false memory of the film so you think you liked it.

Just plant the memory of you watching the movie, no need to make any actual movies at all. The copyrighter's dream.

I think it would be more along the lines of the Panoply security mechanisms in Reynolds’ Revelation Space universe, where a (short-lived synthetic virus?) induces something akin to reverse-dyslexia so you can read things normal eyes cannot (keywords for search: “pangolin” or “manticore” security clearance).

Why not just program people to go to work, eat, spend and sleep? Just disable the ability of having creative thoughts and create a new thinker class where only children of the elites will not have an implant.

That's unironically what these "rights holders" want. Mindless consumers...

This can be marketed as a great spoiler prevention feature.

For your safety.

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