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Ask HN: What is the oldest Posix script that I can still run in a modern shell?
4 points by nathan_f77 50 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
Is there an archive / "museum" of old shell scripts that can still be run in bash today? I noticed that the POSIX standard was started in 1988 (33 years ago), so I'd be interested to find some really old shell programs from 30+ years ago that I can run on my Mac.

The question is not about the oldest. I wrote Bourne shell scripts in the mid-80s which would probably still run today under BASH. But they were pretty trivial, and only used basic UNIX commands.

What you want is the oldest scripts that do actual meaningful work, and yet still run because the person who created them took some care in how they did things, and the people who wrote the shells took care not to unnecessarily break backwards compatibility.

And for that question, I have no answer.

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