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Rails 3.1 Gem Available (rubygems.org)
210 points by aaronbrethorst on Aug 31, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 37 comments

Yes, I am very excited. I should have released during business hours with announcements prepared and whatnot, but I really wanted this code in people's hands. I hope that everyone enjoys this release!

To reiterate what everyone is saying: thank you very much for all of your dedication and hard work.

Let me know if you ever make it around to Liberty or Poppy, I feel like I owe you at least a couple drinks.

Same here, but for San Diego :)

I understand your excitement. I've been watching your work on it! You deserve a nice, long vacation, man.

Thank you.

Thanks for all the hard work. You guys are awesome. BTW, it is business hours in India. :-)

Today is a holiday in India. :-)

Thanks for yours and everyone else's hard work. This release looks great. Been developing on the RCs the past month or so and appreciate the improvements.

tenderlove, I don't know you and probably never will -- but thanks for all your hard work. Seriously.

Thanks to Rails core and all the contributors for yet another killer release :)

If you're new to 3.1, the following resources will help you to get started:

Release notes:


Asset pipeline:



Thanks for linking to the new Asset Pipeline guide. Richard Hulse, Mohammed El-Abid and me put a lot of work into that to try to help people understand how it works.

It's just a fantastic feeling to see something that I've worked on be helpful to so many people. Thank you.

No, thank you ( and richard and mohammed )

You have no idea how helpful you guys are.

Thanks for the links. From reading the release notes, it looks like there's a lot of changes around the behavior of creating/updating/destroying through active record associations - other than the release notes is there anywhere else that has a good writeup of these changes?


Any particular reasn to only list DHH under "Authors"? (I assume the plural means more are possible...)

Perhaps a link to http://contributors.rubyonrails.org/ ?

Interestingly DHH is only #2 contrubutor overall, and number 9 this year... (by number of commits; and no, that isn't a perfect measure of contribution)

I'm hesitant to give up on Jammit, but asset pipeline looks great.

The 3.1 asset pipeline is great stuff ... but if anyone currently using Jammit is leaning towards switching to the asset pipeline -- for any reason other than it's the default in Rails 3.1 -- I'd be curious to hear about why. I'd like to keep developing Jammit as an alternative approach, as there are differences in philosophy: explicit asset packages vs. in-file dependencies, for example.

Jammit has worked extremely well paired with Barista+Compass, but for a Backbone-heavy app where templates are shipped client-side, it's nice to tack on '.erb' at the end of a template file and use Rails asset helpers for cache-busting and asset host url construction.

Jammit should already be playing well with Rails' built-in cache busting, although I imagine that the situation might change with 3.1's new fingerprinting.

As for having to pipe "static" JS and CSS files through ERB ... I've always thought that was something best avoided by choice, unless absolutely necessary.

can anyone point me, where I can read a comparison on Jammit vs asset pipeline/sprocket or could you offer your opinions. thanks

Same here. I've been trying out the 3.1 RCs, and I think the asset pipeline has some potential, but I haven't found a replacement for Jammit's JST compilation. (Although I haven't looked very hard. I'm sure there's a solution out there.)

Sprockets includes Jammit-inspired JST support. You can use it with either EJS or Eco templates. See the "JavaScript Templating" section of the readme: https://github.com/sstephenson/sprockets#readme

You can even write your own JST template class. Here's an example that adds Mustache template support: https://github.com/josh/mustache-trimmer/blob/master/lib/til...

Cool, thanks! I can't wait to try that out.

"Sprockets supports JavaScript templates for client-side rendering of strings or markup. JavaScript templates have the special format extension .jst and are compiled to JavaScript functions"

From sprocket README. Although, I have switched to Rails 3.1 and I am not using asset pipelining at all, just sticking with jammit.

Here's my walk-through "Read This Before Installing Rails 3.1" which helps in dodging pitfalls and potholes:


Here is something not in the release notes that people may want to watch out for: The format of the session has changed, the FlashHash class to be precise, so trying to load a browser session created on Rails 3.0 will give a marshal load error on 3.1 if it had anything in the flash.

This means you will want to change your SESSION_KEY variable to expire all sessions, otherwise users that are logged in while you upgrade can get stuck until they clear their cookies. (So I postponed the upgrade to the weekend...)

The asset pipeline is s great evolution to this amazing framework. I'm looking forward to playing with this.

Great update.. Asset Pipeline & Coffescript have quickly become indispensable.

Thanks! Started learning 3.1 a few months ago and loved the asset pipeline, but had a few problems getting a particular piece to work. Will have to get back to using it soon.

Does anyone know if/when heroku will support 3.1?

It already does on the cedar stack. http://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/rails31_heroku_cedar

How come the identity map is disabled by default?

It doesn't track model associations, so can lead to odd behaviour if you don't know the pitfalls. Hopefully having to enable it manually means those who do enable it have read up and know what to expect.

Thanks for the great work. After every release I wonder what's next. Is there some sort of roadmap?

Alright! Good work Rails core team.

This time it's no red herring like the nefarious 3.0.10 release!

You guys rock! Thanks for all the work y'all put in.

So happy! Thanks guys! Upgrading now ;)

Hands on. Upgrading!

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