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Someone is hacking receipt printers with 'antiwork' messages (engadget.com)
22 points by CapitalistCartr 47 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

I mean IOT security aside, antiwork Reddit aside, illegality aside, I just can’t imagine that anyone gets some of their paper used up and is like “Ya, good point about McDonalds in Denmark… Maybe I’m wrong about Unions!”.

Maybe I’m not the target audience. My first questions would probably be “Is that $22/hr comparable after PPP and tax/take home adjustments? Is the price of a Danish BigMac directly comparable, is it subsidized because it is less popular or because it’s high margin?”… but of course I have no one to ask it to because it was propaganda (even if correct) dropped from a plane on my head.

You can look up the answers about take home pay. In fact, I did. It seems like, based on rough math and estimates it's around $14.50 an hour, with benefits like paid healthcare (through the government) and 6 weeks paid vacation.

So, it seems like a good but not screaming compensation.

Meanwhile, who cares about the price of the Big Max on the other side. Does anyone really think that the cost of labor is a major factor in burger cost? Rent, food and franchise fees seem far higher than the few people they seem to have working filling everyone's order at any given time.

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