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Ask HN: Best Mac browser for web development
2 points by pixelgeek 52 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
I really like Safari for my daily browsing but the development tools are not what I am looking for. Two problems with them: 1) it occasionally stops being able to evaluate expressions in the console and 2) it doesn't appear to have a way of automatically accessing event listeners.

So what is the best option? Firefox or a Chromium browser? And if Chromium is there a version of the FF Deve edition for Chromium?

If you’re doing any front end dev then you’ll need to test against both browsers anyway.

Chrome is the dominant browser, so either Chrome or something Chrome-based, like Brave.

But then Mobile Safari is a large percentage, so Safari, as well.

And as a good netizen, you'll also want to make sure Firefox works OK.

TL;DR: Test in all of the above.

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