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Ask HN: Open-Source alternative to Zoom – Teams – Google meet and so on
7 points by open-source 57 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 24 comments
Please help me find some viable alternatives. Thanks.

Hey, You can try MiroTalk P2P [1] or MiroTalk SFU [2]

[1] https://github.com/miroslavpejic85/mirotalk

[2] https://github.com/miroslavpejic85/mirotalksfu

Live Demo:

[1] https://mirotalk.up.railway.app/

[2] https://sfu.mirotalk.org/

It's fulfill All the functions you requested.

Wow, Thank you so much, Very interesting! Seems to satisfy what I was looking for. The UI looks great and is very simple to use. Is it also possible to have remote screen control?

Actually, There are no APIs in WebRTC about remote screen control. But if it can help you look at this [1]

[1] https://github.com/miroslavpejic85/p2p

Thanks for sharing

U welcome

I found Jitsi: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet but is a very big projects and not easy to understand.

I need some other alternative solutions, with much fewer codes, that has features like:

[1] webcam streaming

[2] audio streaming

[3] screen sharing

[4] file sharing

[5] messaging

[6] whiteboard

[7] recording

Any help is very appreciated. Thanks

I have been using Jitsi since the start of lockdowns. It works very well and has a very active development. The install instructions were pretty straight forward and I had it up in less than an hour on a base Vultr Debian vm.

Thank you very much, I tried it is not bad, but it seems that there is a lack of file sharing between the participants and the collaborative whiteboard.

Look at the open source office tools from faircom... Scroll down a little https://www.fairkom.eu/en/fairapps

Thanks, I don't understand how to start a video call session, but I'll calmly get there :)

It's basically a free jitsu instance to use and test https://www.fairkom.eu/en/fairmeeting

Thanks, I have already tried Jitsi, but as I said, the file transfer and the whiteboard are missing, MiroTalk seems the most complete for now.

I've never tried it but I've always been curious about MatterMost. It's an open source slack knock off. I believe they even have some API integration with other services the way slack does.

Very Interesting, and pretty much like Slack, thank you very much.

Still alpha software, but may be usable already: https://github.com/garage44/pyrite

Thanks i will try

What I also noticed is that Jitsi is a great app but it lacks file sharing and collaborative whiteboard, which are very important to me.

And another question, is it possible to also have remote screen control in addition to screen sharing?

I don't even know if there is such a thing?

For learning, there is BigBlueButton


Thank you very much, but it seems to have a 60 minute limitation for each meeting and disabled recording, and also requires registration. It's popup this message: Due to increased demand, recordings are temporarily disabled and the maximum duration of a meeting has been reduced to 60 minutes on this server. (k8s).

That's for the demo site. These limitations aren't inherent to the bigbluebutton platform. If you deploy it on your own machine (It's suggested to do it on servers not VMs but for small teams it may be more than enough) without such limitations.

But I'm Not sure it have file sharing and collaborative whiteboard?

That is the hosted demo version. You can self host with no restrictions. It is open source


Waiting for other alternatives. Thank you guys for the sharing.

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